Ford and Global Health Charities team up to make 863 “Clean Birth Kits”! That’s right…863!

A team of 30, comprised of employees from Ford’s process improvement team, as well as Global Health Charities’ staff and volunteers, assembled 863 Clean Birth Kits for women and babies in underdeveloped countries on October 29th! Thank you to The Village Workshop in Northville for donating such a beautiful, creative space to work in. Your workshop is a gift to our community!

Thank you to our numerous donors who made this project possible–the list is long and we want you to know how much we appreciate EACH and EVERY donor! We would like to especially thank Mrs. Rima Jasser of Ford, Dr. Cathy Dillon of Angels, Saints & Stuff in Livonia (, Dr. Albert Abdelnour, and Dr. Lisa O’Neil. Rima was our enthusiastic Ford leader and liaison, even launching a successful GoFundMe campaign to help pay for materials for our Ford assembly day. Cathy provided a substantial cash donation from her store, Angels, Saints & Stuff, a one of a kind art gallery and consignment decor store that supports area non-profit charities and local artists. And Drs. Abdelnour and O’Neil donated gauze and gloves for our event. A big thank you to ALL of our Ford friends for all of your time, energy, enthusiasm and SMARTS! In addition to assembling kits, Ford team members provided their expert consultation from a process improvement perspective post-assembly. This information and insight will prove invaluable to us as we move on to future events. Again, thank you for an extremely productive and fun-filled day!
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