Clean Birth Kits: from Detroit to Nepal & Myanmar

Clean Birth Kits: the trek from Detroit to Nepal & MyanmaraIMG_6166IMG_6121

We just returned from a whirlwind two-week trek to Nepal, Myanmar and Vietnam. Of the 12 days we were traveling, we flew 9 of those days.

We had a long to-do list, but the following was my favorite. Global Health Charities (GHC) Founder and President, Patricia Williams, along with Vice Chairman of GHC’s Board of Directors, Earl Bridges, Craig Rolan, and I delivered 500 Clean Birth Kits to rural areas in Nepal and Myanmar.  In Nepal, we drove 6.5 hours from Kathmandu to deliver 200 kits to Gorkha, which is at the epicenter of the 2015 earthquake. In Myanmar, we flew to Kachin State and delivered 300 kits to traditional birth attendants (TBAs) working in an Internally Displaced Person’s (IDP) Camp.

We heard stories from selfless birth attendants about the birth experience in the remote rural area they work in. Their stories, many hard to hear, help us press on and look for additional partners and funders who can help us continue our work and support TBA’s, midwives, mothers and their infants.

Many people had a hand in donating, assembling and packing the kits we delivered, from religious organizations, to high schools, to companies who donated their time and talents. Without them, we could not have assembled over 1,700 kits since late October and distributed in four countries. We are so very grateful to many generous people, and we are looking forward to expanding this wonderful GHC community in the coming months.

Below is a list of items we include in our Global Health Charities (GHC) Clean Birth Kits, as recommended by the World Health Organization (except for the blanket and infant cap—GHC includes those items for warmth and comfort).

    • 2 oz. bar of wrapped antibacterial bar soap (Q=1 per kit)
    • One single-edged razor blade in cardboard (Q=1 per kit)
    • Latex free disposable gloves—size M or L (Q=4 per kit or 2 pairs)
    • Six 4” x 8” non-woven cotton gauze pads, or similar size. We were told this size is desirable by the Traditional Birth Attendants (TBA’s) we met with in Myanmar.
    • Three pieces of strong thread; each 10” long
    • Antibacterial/alcohol wipes (2 per bag)
    • 3”x 3” 4 mil Clear Plastic Sheeting (Q=1 per kit)
    • 30” x 30” light cotton “receiving blanket”, or similar size (Q=1)
    • Infant hat (Q=1)
    • Gallon size Ziploc bags (Q=1)
    • WISH LIST: olive oil packets (used to wash baby and ease birth for mother)

Are you interested in lending a hand or learning more? If you, your company, religious organization or academic institution would like to get involved and/or make us part of your corporate social responsibility program, please contact Susan McAdams at 248-318-9013 or email

One SIMPLE kit can save two lives—mother and baby.


Mar 16, 2016