Urgent Winter Cold Relief for Refugees in Lebanon

Global Health Charities (www.globalhealthcharities.org) is working through Reverend Father Elie Madi of the Congregation of the Lebanese Maronite Missionaries of the Catholic Church to provide cold winter relief to Syrian, Palestinian and Iraqi refugees in Lebanon.

Over 1,500,000 Syrian, Palestinian and Iraqi refugees in Lebanon likely face a harsh winter ahead, bringing with it snow, high winds, rain and freezing temperatures. These refugees, many of them infants, children and the elderly, are living in makeshift shelters made of tin and timber with a plastic covering, a structure that is vulnerable to flood beneath/around their living spaces, as well as collapse from wind, snow and rain, and insufficient insulation. A camp stove may be their only heat source.

With your support, we will provide thermal gloves, hats, thick socks, hand and foot warmers, and coloring books/crayons/small balls for the children.

In providing this practical cold weather relief, we will provide more people with the most essential items to face and survive the winter. These items provide hope to refugees who are looking forward to re-establishing their lives and moving on to a better future for themselves and their children. Through the warmth the items provide and the joy of their children in receiving gifts, they will know they are not forgotten.


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