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The Birth of Global Health Charities (GHC)

The belief that all human beings, regardless of socio-economic status, should have the opportunity to strive for their full potential is the guiding principle that has driven Patricia Williams to found Global Health Charities (GHC). Growing up in Asia, and working for 18 years at a Catholic nonprofit international health organization, Ms. Williams saw first-hand the striking discrepancies in health outcomes between wealthy and poor communities.

In 2008, Patricia Williams founded Global Health Services Network, an international hospital planning, development and management company that focuses on the sustainable improvement of healthcare services and staff competencies in developing countries.  Recognizing that there were significant additional needs in the communities being served, Patricia, with the help of her fellow board members, started Global Health Charities to address the sad and preventable deaths that occur in mothers and newborns who don’t have access to hospitals, healthcare resources and clean supplies.

The commitment of the board of directors of GHC extends to addressing the issues that cause preventable deaths as well as engaging communities and organizations through volunteerism, education and contributions in our efforts.  We recognize that we are global citizens and that our mission is strengthened by collaborating with others who are equally service and mission minded in addressing the important goal of saving mothers and babies.




GHC envisions a world where:
-all people have access to quality healthcare services
-health care professionals have access to world-class education and training
-collaborative, grassroots efforts result in transformational healthcare change



GHC values:
-a “servant leader” mindset of respect and compassion for the poor and disenfranchised
-the potential of every human being
-positive, energized collaboration with stakeholders and partners