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Host An Event

Help advance Global Health Charities' efforts to lower Maternal and Infant Mortality in underserved communities by hosting a Clean Birth Kit assembly event. 

Contact Us To Host An Event

Thanks for submitting! Someone will reach out to you as soon as possible.

How It Works:

1. Choose a date

2. Secure a location to hold your event and assemble the kits

3. Plan your fundraising of $10 per kit you'd like to assemble:

  • Ask donors to inquire about company matches for donations

  • Let donors know about recurring donor program

  • Do a fundraising activity to generate funds - a restaurant fundraiser, can drive, etc. 

  • Promote your event and fundraising activities

4. Market your event and fundraising activities

During your event day, GHC will provide all the necessary supplies for assembling and sealing kits, and a facilitator (or will train you to facilitate the event):

1. We'll kick off with a brief 5-minute presentation introducing our organization, our mission, and the reasons behind it.


2. Following that, comes the exciting part - kit assembly. Depending on the quantity, this activity can range from one to two hours. 

3. The completed kits will be sent to our partner NGOs in communities in need, including but not limited to Nigeria, Ukraine, and Iraq. 

4. If available, we'll share photos of the kit deliveries with your organization. 

5. Event close out: send us your photos, list of participants, and funds raised!

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