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Clean Birth Kit Event Handbook

The Guide for Individuals Facilitating a Clean Birth Kit Event

Who We Are:

We are a Farmington-based non-profit whose focus is reducing maternal-infant mortality across the globe. 

Why We Do It:

4 million infants die each year

Over 287,000 mothers die each year giving birth
9 out of 10 of these deaths are preventable

What We Do:

We provide training and supplies to childbirth staff in order to improve the safety of both mother and child during the birthing process. 

Pre-Event Logistics

Confirm the following information with the host:

  • Number of tables available

  • Number of chairs available

  • AV equipment available

  • Identify additional help required, if any.

Purchase/Order the CBK supplies MINIMUM OF 1 WEEK BEFORE

CBK Station Set-Up

  • Arrive 30 minutes before scheduled start time

  • Place sign-in sheet

  • Hang GHC signs and informational material

  • Locate and set-up AV equipment (for the video)

  • Clear table space

  • Record start time





Set up plastic sheeting with scissors & measuring tape (about 2-5 people)

  • Each sheet must be 3 feet by 3 feet

Set up the "baby hat packing" station (minimum 3 people)

  • This station is comprised of placing the gloves, alcohol swabs, cord clamps, gauze, soap, and, most importantly, razor blade in each baby hat. 

  • This can be several different stations depending on the size of the group

  • Assign 1-2 people to be the "razor blade" checkers. 


Set-up blanket folding station (about 2-5 people)

  • The completed baby hats should be folded into the blankets, which will subsequently be folded into the plastic sheets. 

Set-up the "hugging" station (minimum 2 people)

  • Once the full-hat, blanket, and sheets are folded together and placed in a Ziplock bag, "hug" the excess air out of the Ziplock bag and place it in a plastic tub. 

  • Each tub can fit about 50 kits. 

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